Dowsing Tools
Chakra Amethyst Dowsing Pendulum
This pendulum has a basic set of chakra stones set into the chain, helping to align all chakras which allows dowsing with this pendulum to be more free flowing and may improve accuracy.
Amethyst on both ends adds to the opening to higher-self for better dowsing.
Chakra Amethyst Pendulum $14.95
With dowsing card, pouch & instructions$19.95
Wooden Dowsing Pendulum
Simple wooden pendulum, cap can be unscrewed to place small stone or gem inside for added power.
Wooden Pendulum $4.95
With Herkimer Diamond for inside $8.95
With dowsing card, pouch & instructions $9.95
With Herkimer Diamond, dowsing card, pouch & instructions 13.95
Herkimer Diamonds are useful for amplifying and clairifying energies.
This pendulum has two distinct uses, use as a dowsing pendulum and use as a healing pendulum.

Hold the pendulum over an unbalanced are of the body and allow it to swing freely over the area. You'll notice the pendulum swinging a certian way as if its working through an unbalance. Then it will change direction behaviour signifying balance, this is when you move on to another part of the body.

This is an intuitive form of healing, allow the pendulum to guid itself to where it needs to go. When it gets there allow it to circle or swing through the area as needed.Practice on yourself to feel the effects.
Note: Immeadiate energy felt subtle but noticable, the vogul adds a nice healing frenquency touch. This is a good healing pendulum and a good dowsing pendulum. SOLD OUT
Pyramid & Vogel Healing Pendulum
Dowsing L-Rods
L-rods can be used to obtain the traditional Yes/No/Maybe of a pendulum but they are mainly used for finding:
Water, minerals and oil veins

Earth chi lines (earth meridians)

Lost objects

The measurement of someone's auric field
or their individual chakras
Instructions included.
Dowsing is the process of using a tool such as a pendulum or rod to discover things that cannot be discovered using our everyday senses. Traditionally dowsing was used to find water veins for the drilling of a well. Pendulums are the most common form of dowsing today, they can be used for simple yes, no, maybe, not available answers without any charts. The pendulum can also be used with a dowsing chart to give more exact answers, dowsing for chakras or numbers or percentiles are just a few of the possibilities with dowsing charts.
Wholesale note: Chakra Amethyst dowsing pendulums and
L-rods are available for wholesale the others are not.
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