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These beautiful, double-terminated Herkimar Diamond quartz crystals have been faceted and polished by nature. The best Herkimer Diamonds have high brilliance, clarity and surface luster approaching a real diamond in appearance. No other quartz crystal in the world can match the Herkimer Diamond. They formed 500 million years ago in an ancient sea on the south side of what is now the Adirondack Mountains. Today they are found in a ten by fifty mile belt running through Herkimer County, New York. This is where some of the toughest crystal mining takes place. All of the Herkimer Diamond specimens here were mined by hand. Known as the dream crystal and attunement stone, Herkimer Diamonds are also used as amplifiers to intensify or strengthen to power of other stones. No two crystals are ever exactly the same.

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Herkimer Diamonds
1 Grade A Herkimer Diamond #03
1 Grade A Herkimer Diamond #04
Our grade A Herkimer Diamonds are all nearly perfect crystal gem stones, and have double termination points. Small inclusions and rainbows or small attachment marks may occur, but none will exceed 7-10% of the overall specimen. Grade A gem stones have beautiful clarity.

1 inch = 26mm
Grade A Herkimer Diamonds
Length: 14mm
Width: 8mm
Notes: Classic barrel shape, very clear, complete sharp edges.
Length: 12mm
Width: 9mm
Notes: Water clear, complete sharp edges.
1 Grade A Double Herkimer Diamond #05
Length: 29mm
Width: 22mm
Notes: Very clear, sharp edges, beautiful crystal to crystal inclusions, 2 attached crystals.
1 Grade A Tabby Water Clear Herkimer Diamond #06
Length: 29mm
Width: 28mm
Notes: This is a very beautiful large Herkimer with water clear clairity, sharp edges, 2 windows and a tabby shape.
1 Grade A Herkimer Diamond #01
1 Grade A Window Herkimer Diamond #02
Length: 13mm
Width: 9mm
Notes: Would be Grade AA except for 1 small crystal to crystal inclusion, water clear, sharp edges, very nice crystal.
Length: 16mm
Width: 10mm
Notes: Nice barrel shape, water clear, 1 window, 1 crystal to crystal inclusion, very beautiful crystal.
Window crystals are crystals with an extra face, these crystals have the ability to aid the user in opening doorways to other worlds, dimentions, astral planes, ect.
(The easiest doorway travel is through meditation)
Window Crystals
$32 SOLD
$35 SOLD
$30 SOLD
$30 SOLD