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Before we dive into magick incantations of the sort let us discuss a few points first. I do not claim to be a expert in magick or spell casting. Merlins Realm or any of its representatives do not gaurentee any results. Read and use this information at your own risk, If you dont know what you're getting into, dont get into it! Study more untill you have a good understanding of the subject. If you are new I would suggest reading Silver Ravenwolf's work.
Otherwise take everything you read with a grain of salt, allow it to translate into your reality. Merlins Realm is not claiming to be a "Wiccan" or "Pagan" company. We will say that we are a "Spiritual Company", It is our goal to simply aid in the growth of humans on this planet. Hopefully aiding the acceptance of subtle energy & bio eloctronics within the medical fields.
We personally suggest you find your own path, whether it be a religous one or free spirited one.

Spells from my point of view are properly stated poems or chantings directed to manifest a desired result within this plane of existance. The spoken word is a very powerful tool. Positive afermations have changed the lives of a great deal of people. All they did is repeat aloud daily a pre written Program (as I like to call it). If you get up in the morning and say Im going to have a good day, what usually happens? You have a good day, the same is true for the opposite I personally have learned to say bless it instead of damn it, it tends to yeald a better experience. What you say you create. What you think you also create to a lesser extent.

A well done spell is cast within a magic circle. A well cast magic circle will isolate you, your spell and the universe from the rest of the world. This helps by blocking other energies form altering your own. It is also important to not speak about your magickal workings at least untill the spell has manifested itself. This is because each time you speak of your magickal ritual energy is taken from that magic. If you brag about you work it wil most likely never work, All the energy went to your head.

Fear is another factor, what you fear you create to experience. If you fear falure then it is already on its way. Be confident that your workings have already succeeded and you have already accomplished the bigget part. You are the same being as the universe.
More to come...

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