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Well nice to see you made it to my rambling journal.

Allow me to introduce myself,
Many know me as Merlin of Manitou,
some know me as Mystic Shifter,
my given name is Casey Bopp.

Some would describe me as an Indigo, others a Crystal.
I am the catlyst, I am shift, I am the force that changes, I am one which no labels can truly describe.

I have many truths, hopefully I can create a spark that will help you discover your truths. This is where you can find many odd thoughts or spiritual insights. Keep in mind these pages are thoughts or perceptions, I advise you to make up your own mind on any matters of .....well......ANYTHING!

Magic, lore and mystery are within all of us, we just have to discover that we are magic, lore and mystery. I come from a very grounded background on matters of energy and magic.
I am the type that would ask everything.
When I first heard what pyramids could do to physical objects I was in a
bit of disbelief. How could a shape make a razor blade sharper? Tests were conducted that showed raising rabbits within pyramid hutches increased growth rates and final weight. Poison was nearly neutralized after being within a pyramid shape for a period of time. Brine shrimp could live more than a year inside a pyramid structure when they live only eight to twelve weeks every where else.
And there is more...

But when I heard of this I had to see for myself.
To my amazement it would re-sharpen razor blades (If used correctly)
and keep mold from growing. Even keep milk for going bad, at room temperature for weeks!
Half of those tests turned into yogurt! Now personally I don't like milk, something about drinking milk from a cow, the milk is designed in nature for cows.... Cows! And I wonder why so many people act like cattle.
So.... I never tried the milk test. But I hear the pyramid yogurt was tested and was considered edible!
After a while I could start to feel the energy within and above pyramids. I even tested myself to see if it was a response from my mind. I found I could feel energy from other objects such as, crystals gemstones and wands.
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