Color Symbols:
PINK. Friendship, love, romance, surrender.
RED. Exciting, warmth, passion, movement.
ORANGE. Adventure, stimulant.
YELLOW. Happiness, improves memory, confidence.
GREEN. Balance, healing, growth, money, comunication.
BLUE. Peace, relaxing, cooling.
PURPLE. Spiritual connection, breaking bad habits.
WHITE. Purity, clean slate, start over again.
BLACK. Protection, power, privacy, mystery, unknown.
BROWN. Grounding to nature, disconnecting from people.
GOLD, SILVER. Energy generator.

Animal Symbols:
OWL. Intellectual, night vision, healing powers.
RAVEN. Shapeshifting, messenger or omen, cynical.
SWAN. Sensitive, emotional, creative, dreamer, mystic.
BEAR. Teacher, power of the unconscious, alchemy.
CAT. Mystery, independence, curiosity, cleverness.
ELEPHANT. Ancient power, strength, memory, server.
WOLF. Instinct, guardian, ritual, spirit.
BUTTERFLY. Transmutation and the dance of joy.
DRAGONFLY. Power of light within, adaptability, illusion.
SPIDER. Creativity, the weaving of fate, spiral energy.
FROG. Transition, change, water element, prosperity.
TURTLE. Patience, motherhood, longevity.
GECKO LIZARD. Subtle perception, clairvoyance.
FAIRY. Nature spirit, protector/healer of plants, magical.
DRAGON. Asian dragon: good fortune.
Western dragon: power.

UNICORN. Purity, magic, spiritual wisdom.
GARGOYLE. Protection from evil. Safe haven.
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