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Select stones for personal use based on the degree of affinity you feel for the stone. Awareness and intention are important factors affecting the power of a stone. If you are aware of the effect a particular stone has, that awareness interacts with the stone to boost its power. When you hold the intention that the stone act in a certain way, that intention gives it clarity of direction and intensity of focus. (Recommended reading: Michael's Gemstone Dictionary.)

ABALONE SHELL. Helps you feel calm and less afraid. Balances and heals first chakra. Very strong.
AMAZONITE. Prosperity, self-confidence. Gives the feeling it's possible to have whatever you want. Discourages self-destructive behavior.
AMBER. Clears you mentally. Smooth functioning of the intellect. Focused. Balances fifth chakra.
AMETHYST. Keep in touch with your spiritual side. Calms impatience. Balances and heals all chakras.
APATITE. Acceptance stone. With continued use, puts you into a spiritual state of unconditional love towards others. Very potent.
APOPHYLLITE. Connects you to those spirits you are closest to, who are no longer incarnating on this plane.
AVENTURINE. Feel good about yourself. Operate from a sense of universal truth and love. Opens chakras 6 and 7.
BLOODSTONE. High prosperity consciousness. Willingness for abundance. Gives the feeling that life will be good.
BOTSWANA AGATE. Appreciation of intellectual pursuits. Promotes abstract creative thought.
BOWENITE. Anti-martyrdom stone. Reduces feelings of helplessness. Healing and balancing to the female reproductive system and organs.
CALCITE, Blue. Balances and removes blocks, emotions can flow more easily. Reduces intensity. Balances, heals, unblocks all chakras.
CALCITE, Green. Clears toxins from the body and atmosphere. Heals toxic fume damage and allergies to chemicals.
CALCITE, Orange. Happiness stone. Feel that everything is just fine. Reduces skepticism.
CARNELIAN. Self worth. A break from needing to feel better than anyone else or feeling inferior. Eliminates fear of being inadequate.
CITRINE. Steady pace, sense of stability. Builds stamina, easier to get through difficult processes or karmas.
EMERALD. Mood for communication. Balancing in communication difficulties, or trying to find truth when there's a lot to sort thru.
FLUORITE. Aura cleanser, rids it of unwanted energies. Keeps others from making energetic attachments. Hold to forehead for 15 seconds to cut energy cords that drain.
GARNET. Best stone for productivity. Prosperity. Having life exactly as you would like it to be.
HEMATITE. Awareness of personal issues and patterns. Clarity. Also useful for focusing on past lives.
IDOCRASE. Releases physical tension. Drains out excess energy. Balances chakras 2, 3.
JADE. Tranquility, calm, harmony, inner peace. Be more resigned and accepting of difficult aspects of one's life. Counteracts depression.
JASPER, Yellow. Used by native Americans to assist and protect when traveling. Also hormone balancing, reduces hot flashes.
KYANITE. Connects you to teachers on higher planes of existence.
LAPIS LAZULI. Brings matters to mind more clearly. Neutral perceptions, non-emotional. Decisions for the good of all. Balances chakra 4.
LEOPARDSKIN. Very grounding and healing when dealing with heavy emotional issues. Reduces anxiety. Balances, heals first chakra.
LODESTONE. Helps you communicate with dolphins and whales.
MALACHITE. Loving tolerance. Respond flexibly to events even if bizarre and unsettling. Communicate who you are and where you're coming from.
MONEY COWRIE. Carry in pocket or purse to attract money. Symbol of prosperity.
MOONSTONE. Visionary stone. Achieve your heart's desire by clearly seeing all the possibilities. Reduces tunnel vision.
MOSS AGATE. Physically healing. Wear closest to body part in need of healing.
PEARL. For wisdom. Each pearl absorbs and holds a different inspirational thought.
PERIDOT. Stimulates growth at the essence level. Opens the adventure box of life and new challenges abound.
PYRITE. Helps harmonize your energy level with another, and move at the same pace.
QUARTZ CRYSTAL. Increases powers of observation and clarity of thought. Programmable.
ROSE QUARTZ. Attract love and friendship. Awareness of your true self. Assists in communicating with spirit guides.
SELENITE. Aids digestion and absorption of minerals. Aids absorption of ideas. Cleans and recharges gemstones and minerals.
SMOKY QUARTZ. Helps you distinguish between what you want and don't want, and be clear about which is which.
SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN. Balances and calms people who move thru life at a very fast pace. Makes it easier to slow down & mellow out.
SODALITE. Stimulates creativity. Increases sensuality. Balances, heals, stimulates second chakra.
STAR TREK STONE. To boldly go where no one has gone before. Promotes the pursuit of knowledge, with an open mind, bravery and courage, with clear observation and clear thinking.
SUNSTONE. For finding sexual relationships. Gives you an aura of sexual attractiveness.
THULITE. Balances "servers." Keep from overextending self or being overly bossy, too self-effacing, or too martyred.
TIGER EYE, Gold. Softens stubbornness, makes it possible to be more flexible. Be determined (positive) rather than obstinate (negative).
TIGER EYE, Blue. Keeps you active. Good to exercise, dance or just hop and skip. Stimulates movement, travel. Opens and stimulates chakra 3.
TOURMALINE, Black. Produces a mild empathy for the plant kingdom. Healing for house plants.
UNIKITE. Personal power, totally take charge of your life. Feel that you are the guardian of your fate and cannot be taken over by anyone else.
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