ADAMITE. Brings you out of confusion to focus on details or specifics of a situation, so you can proceed in a step by step fashion.
AMBER. Clears you mentally. Smoothing functioning of the intellect. Focused. Balances the fifth chakra.
ANHYDRITE. A sense of being above any problem, able to be objective about it. Feel peace and serenity even during difficult times.
APOPHYLLITE. Connects you to those spirits you are closest to, who are no longer incarnating on this plane.
AQUAMARINE. Increases personal power and helps project an aura of real strength. Commands others attention, even if privately unsure.
ARAGONITE. See the truth from a higher perspective and psychically sense the flow of things. Blended use of chakras 4, 5, 6.
AZURITE. Be clearer and more effective in communications. Willing to listen yet not lose sight of your own position.
BARITE. Encourages calcium retention in the bones.
BONE. Be sensible, calm, less afraid. Feel that everything will be fine in the long run. Grounded awareness. Balances all chakras.
BRUNEAU JASPER. Positive attitude. Less likely to be arrogant, stubborn, greedy, self-deprecating, impatient, victimized, or self-destructive.
CALCITE, Gold. Enhances the capacity to know what is true. A sense of joyous clarity. Appreciate higher wisdom. Balances, heals chakra 6.
Green. Clears toxins from the body and atmosphere. Heals toxic fume damage and allergies to chemicals.
Red. Feel protected emotionally, not so vulnerable. Negative emotions drain out of the body, are not held or absorbed.
Orange/Yellow. Happiness stone. Feel that everything is just fine. Reduces skepticism.
White. For spiritual awareness. Enables you to experience a feeling of love and connectedness with the universe. Balances chakra 7.
Gray (Dogs tooth). A break from emotional intensity, see issues from a detached point of view. Temporarily neutralizes karmic influences.
CHAROITE. Enables those involved in teaching, media, or dissemination of information/wisdom/truth, to feel powerful and project
an aura of confidence and authority.
CHRYSOCOLLA. Unconditional love, acceptance and tolerance toward others. Outwardly forgiving.
CORAL. White, emotional openness, affection and enthusiasm. Darker red, more passion.
DANBURITE. Helps you be more patient. Particularly good for those who are extremely impatient, intolerant: hyperventilate in traffic jams.
DIOPSIDE. Reduces fever and aches by balancing body temperature.
DOLOMITE. Promotes general internal bodily health. Good for digestion. Kills off aberrant cells and promotes correct bone growth. Mild.
FIRE AGATE, FIRE OPAL. Project charisma. Increase perdonal poer and ability to act effectively. Take command.
GOETHITE. Reduces conflict between body type and energy. Helps creative, sensitive men to be more comfortable in a male body, and deal
with masculinity issues. Likewise helps highly focused women to be more comfortable in a female body.
HEMIMORPHITE. Enables you to be assertive, enthusiastic and dynamic in your undertakings, without being negatively aggressive.
HERKIMER DIAMOND. Combines the clarity of clear crystal with masterful energy. Good for vivid dreaming.
JASPER, Brick Red. Helps you get along with the same sex, and maintain compatible same sex relationships.
JET. See all the possible pitfalls in a situation and come up with constructive solutions. Be alert for what might go wrong.
LAPIS LAZULI. Brings matters to mind more clearly. Neutral perceptions, non-emotional. Decisions for the good of all. Balances chakra 4.
MALACHITE. Loving tolerance. Respond flexibly to events even if bizarre & unsettling. Communicate who you are & where you're coming from.
MOLDAVITE. Enables you to communicate telepathically with sentient beings (humans, dolphins, whales, extra-terrestrials).
NEBULA STONE. Promotes the pursuit of knowledge, with an open mind, with bravery and courage. Helps you recognize what's missing from the picture, with clear observation and clear thinking. Star Trek Stone: To boldly go where no one has gone before.
OKENITE. Balances those who are highly creative, expansive and fluid. Helps maintain focus, and not get too scattered or sidetracked.
ONYX. Useful to pursue creative projects and see them from a more expansive, larger-picture perspective.
PETRIFIED WOOD. Calms fears. Feel safe and secure everything will turn out all right. Sense of agelessness, feel that you will last forever.
PREHNITE. Promotes calm.
PYRITE. Helps you harmonize your energy level with another, and move at the same pace.
PYROMORPHITE. Attracts money, or energy in the form of goods.
RUBY. Feel giving toward others and happy about being of service. Reduces resentment, knowing you wont be victimized or trapped.
SAPPHIRE. Enhances creativity. Sense of loyalty and bondedness in an intimate relationship. Opens chakra 2, frees it for creative use.
SEPTARIAN NODULE. Perceive higher truth and love, be emotionally/mentally centered in the truth, connect with higher sources of spiritual knowledge and wisdom. Gray concretions hold energy that can be drawn on as needed.
SERAPE AND WILLOW CREEK JASPER. Stimulates sexual interest and arousal. Facilitates getting pregnant.
SERAPHINITE (Chlinoclore). Enhances the ability to be nurturing, warm and responsive to the needs of others.
SHIVA LINGAM. Sacred stone of India. Represents the harmony and balance of the soul, maintained within the hearts of all of us.
SPHALERITE. For spiritual awareness transcending the ego. Go beyond petty problems into a higher space of calm and true self-knowledge.
STIBNITE. Encourages bravery and helps you conquer your fears.
STILBITE. Makes you seem more adorable to others.
SULPHUR. Heals plant allergies.
TOURMALINE, Pink. Go with the flow, without resistance. Makes it easier to relax and unwind.
Green. Greater ability to communicate. Eloquently charismatic. Clear communication of information, wisdom and truth.
TOURQUOISE. Centers the self on love and connectedness with others. Pulls you into the experience of unconditional love for all beings.
VANADINITE. Spiritual inspiration. Promotes the experience of an exalted, inspirational space, in touch with Universal Consciousness.
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