Grand Pyramid Matrix Charger
20" Base $2000
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This is a picture of the very first Grand Pyramid Matrix Charger. This pyramid is made of 151 pyramids, all to the ratio of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The pyramid is based on the golden or phi ratio, the ratio is 1/1.618 . This ratio has been known the be directly related to the human heartbeat and the Earth's heartbeat. This pyramid collects a great deal of energy within the center chamber. Non believers report "raising hairs (even when the pyramid and person are discharged from static), tingle sensations, loss of pain (shoulder and back pain), sence of presure, warmth and a few other odd sensations after placing their hand within the device. This device is also used to transmit energy over long distances. Also used to aura out energy (sending energy in all directions). Built in compass for alignment purposes. And with practice can shift functions from long distances. I.e. told to send protection energy to your current location. This device has a beam sending range that can transmit to anywhere on the planet. Also used for power manifestations (strong amplify effect on your intentions).

I've discovered an odd way of mesuring the energy held within different devices. Using pendulum dowsing I was able to dowse the peak pulses per second of the vortex within various sacred geometry device chargers. A simple aligned 3" x 3" pyramid measured at
950 pps, the 9" base aquarian charged measured at 65,000 pps, the Cosmic Dodecahedron measured at 650,000 pps. While I was building the first GPMC I was hoping for
2 or 3,000,000 pps, I was amazed when I recorded 57,000,000 pps. In disbeleaf I made the measurment over and over and over to make sure it was completely accurate. All of these measurments were designed to take a "at the moment" reading. If it is a full moon Im sure the readings would be higher.

A Grand Pyramid Matrix Charger handbook is included with your order.
Other Pyramid Matrix Chargers
Bare copper model (no stones included). $1500
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