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"I had a WONDERFUL experience shopping at your site and I LOVE my wands! I will be using the rose quartz wand for a handfasting this Thursday in fact. Your work is fantastic and I will definitely be buying from you again! If only all web vendors were as responsible and ethical as you are--wouldn't the net be a great place?" -Rev. N. E. -

"I received my wand today and I just wanted to say thanks. It is beautiful and exactly what I was looking for! I also appreciate how quickly the transaction went. I will be visiting your site again! Thank you!" -Sonja-

I am enjoying your site so much. My lady friend Picchu (Michelle) is most eager for one of your wands. Truth is, wands are about all she talks about. Hardly a sentence can be uttered these days without her slipping the "W" word in there somewhere. Having endured some two months of this, I'm about to lose my mind. I'm hoping you can help. After careful and painstaking deliberation we have settled at last on your W16 D.
No doubt one of the finest and most sought after wands in all the world.
-Londrum -incarnated as Robert-

"I am the proud owner of 5 of your wands at this point. I would like to first tell you I am not only deeply impressed by the quality of your work and attention to details, but also the incredible speed at which you have shipped every piece I have ordered." -Bryan-

"--our shop fell victim to the tornados here in arkansas Febuary 08 one of the very few things to survive the F-4 was one of your rose quartz crystal wands, this was amazing to me, as our shop took a direct hit, totally leveled. Anyway, I need to place an order, as we need everything. (starting over sucks).-- -Diane-"
-Sorry to hear about your shop. Starting over can't be easy. We would love to send you a new catalog, along with a few free wands to help you get started again. :) Keep up the hard work, your effort is not in vain. -Merlin's Realm-

"We sold out of wands again. -You guys are so great. Thank you for the great customer service too." -Lauri - Under the New Moon-

"I loved the Cocobolo wand, when a female friend touched it, it activated her chakras. I can attest to this. So, obviously it chose her. She wishes to buy me another. Do you or will you have any more in stock? If so, please send me out another paypal bill, see below. Thank you, and I look forward to you reply." -Brent E. -

"Just wanted to thank you and commend you for your website and all the information you give on it about your wands and how to use them. It is great info for kids too, that I print out and give them when they get a wand so they know the right use and intention. I could not explain it better. Very grateful for that. " -Cris M.-

Ebony Wand
"As soon as my fingers touched the wand to take it out of the velvet pouch - I knew it was the right one - I could feel it. Then when I saw it, I was elated. It's PERFECT! I only have to hold it for a second or two, and the tip noticeably warms up, while the rest of the wand remains cool, and not because I was holding the tip with my other hand (I use my cheek to determine temperature, my hands put out too much energy to be a good judge of temps). Simply the wand is working with my energy, and for that I am very thankful. I'm writing a book wherein I've described several wands. The first wand I crafted in writing is black and has three tear drop amethyst's on the handle. When I saw the picture of the ebony wand on your site with the tear-drop image in the wood grain, no accidents, I had to have that wand. Thank you very much for sending me this one and so quickly. My spirits have lifted tremendously since receiving it last night."

"I have just received my Wand (Rosewood Wand 2) and I thank you for this item.
Not only was it affordable but I find it beautiful and mesmerizing. I have been a Magician for 30 years and always desired a fine wand. I feel a true affinity to this wand and get a great feeling from holding it. The sculpting of the wood is perfect for my hand. I am truly delighted and appreciative. Thanks"

"If you recall, a few weeks ago I purchased a bloodwood wand from you. It's really excellent and I'm loving every minute with it. In fact, I was wondering if there were any way to purchase a duplicate (or apprximate duplicate) wand. I'm not sure what your process if like for creating wands, but if this is something you'd be interested in, just let me know because I'd be interested in working something out."

"I just bought a magnificent fluorite, rose quartz and amethyst wand and I absolutely LOVE it! My husband just bought a wand from you as well, and your craftsmanship is amazing! My only regret is that I completely forgot to order a pouch to keep it in and I realize that I need that so I will come back to the site and order that later this week!"
-Jill M.-

"Just to let you know that I received the 2 wands. Thank you very much!!! They are GORGEOUS!!!!! My daughter also was checking your website, and she's going to order with me a couple of things from you. By the way she fell in love with your website. Thanks again!!!" -Ivonne G.-

"THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU!!! The L-Rods just arrived today. I am very pleased with them. I'm going to go out later and give them a workout. " - Greg-

"Received the amulets last week, Thank you.
Initial impressions - very good build quality , light as a feather , good value for money.
Tranquil amulet helps relax me in the early evening. Trying out the protection device @ work to help alleviate EMF radiation. I will give more detailed responses over time." -Graham H.-

"I just ordered a mango wand (Moldavite and clear quartz crystal) and wanted to thank you in advance for the care and love you put into your work. I have seen your wands (I'm positive they must have been yours) in Crystal Magic in Sedona about a year ago and yesterday your mango wands popped into my head and I just had to have one. After looking at your website and the information about you and your favorite quotes, I just had to write a short note to express my gratitude at you sharing your talent and wisdom. Your energy seems so wonderful and I am so pleased that you will be creating my wand for I truly believe that your care and thoughtfulness during creation of the wand brings out the magick of the wand." -Shay L.

"I received my wand yesterday and I think it is beautiful, with superior workmanship. The pouch was also lovely, I am glad I ordered it. The instructions were very informative and I appreciated the personal note. Thank you." -Robyn-

"Thank you for sending the specs on my Astral Kyanite Scepter and your helpful instructions for its usage. Once again you have provided much more than I had expected. In closing, I want to note that I appreciate your compassion for making a replacement scepter for the one stolen, your dedication to the craft for choosing the stones you knew I would need and for the caring way you have followed up with a detailed explanation of the stones used. All-in-all, I am completely satisfied with every aspect of your craftsmanship and look forward to obtaining future enrichments from you. May you continue to prosper and know contentment." -Keith R.-

"The Elemental Gemstone Rune Staff arrived day before yesterday and I just opened it last night...oh my goodness, but it’s GORGEOUS!!! I’m simply blown away and feel so lucky to have it! Thanks a million times for such a beautiful and powerful piece of art (and magic). I will treasure it always. Thanks also for all the care you took in the packing and shipping." -Lisa
Amulets at Work
"Thanks for the amulet, arrived yesterday and I feel in better harmony today.
Many thanks, most grateful, it stops the cold shakes from the computer...magic!"

"THANKS, Merlin! You keep makin’ that magick! People are always praising the workmanship and beauty of your pieces.. And they don’t even KNOW about the energy effects!" -Kari"

“Thanks to the Healing Amulet you made me, my bad knee that I was not able to walk more than a few steps on, and my ankle on the same leg, now allow me to walk a lot. Thank you!” -Becky-

“As soon as I put on this Tranquility Amulet, I discovered that not only was my mind put to ease but also my body was beginning to relax as well. If I never go to a therapist again this is why. These amulets definitely work!” -Shane-

“Within a week of wearing my amulet I had energy to burn as well as being more enthusiastic and focused when I commit to something. I am sleeping more deeply and barely feel drained at all. I am very pleased with my amulet and hope to get more devices in the future.” -Alston-

“My sister has Fibromyalgia. She just called and said that she has been wearing the Balance Amulet every day since we got it. It has made a world of difference in the way she feels. She has not taken medication for the first time in several years. She said she feels like a new woman. Thanks.” -Karen-

“My step-mother purchased a Balancing Amulet. She has extemely bad lungs. You did some healing with a wand and she has not had to to use her inhaler since. Three days later I purchased a Balancing Amulet and I am walking with little or no pain in my legs.” -Jane-

“I recently purchaced a Balance Amulet from Merlins Realm, to help rid myself of some energetic problems and soon noticed the positive effects. Several weeks later I also noticed an improvement in my overall outlook, as problems that would normally have caused me great stress bothered me to a lesser extent. I would highly recommend the use of one of these amulets.” -Clint-

"I wore your Psychic Amulet and had immediate success. It usually takes me at least 15 to 20 minutes in quiet meditation to hear that small voice within, but with the amulet I had instant responses, and with no blocks in communication. Wow!" -Allison-

"Thanks for the amulets, they are great! Actually they are so great I can only wear the Balance Amulet II (at the moment), the Balance Amulet III with magnets is really very strong for me (I'll have to work my way up to it). Thanks again for the amulets, I already feel much better especially considering that I live in a heavy EMF environment. I want to buy the Jade Amulet I soon. All of your Amulets are really very nice and beautiful. And they do help you." -Gregory E-

"I'm the guy with the electrosensitivity. I love the balance II. It's the only thing that gives me relief when I'm on my computer. It's shockingly strong for such small crystals. It made me a little bit nauseous the first fifteen minutes I wore it, but then it had a very positive effect. I'd like to buy the jade amulet. " -Mahesh

"Merlin, I want to thank you for both of my amulets. As I told you before, I was not sure that the balancing or the tranquility amulets would work. But I am a true believer now that I have tried both and have seen the difference within days. I am sixteen weeks pregnant and for about a week and half I was maybe getting two hours of sleep. I contacted my doctor and was told that there was nothing they can give me and that this was normal at my stage of pregnancy. The night you came over and gave me the tranquility amulet is the same night I noticed a difference. Although I did not sleep the entire night I did get more sleep then before. I am on my fourth day wearing the tranquility amulet and have gotten more and more sleep each night. It helped me better then anything the doctor suggested or the books that I read on how to help me sleep during pregnancy. Thanks!!!!!" -Norma-
Breath of Life
Healing Coils at Work
"I recently had my ovaries removed. I still suffer from pain. After holding two healing coils in my hands, my pain went away after only 30 seconds. Usually I'm not a believer, but Merlins Realm made me one today!" -Aisha-

"I have been having stomach pain on and off for fifteen years now. After holding a set of healing coils from Merlins Realm for one minute the pain was gone. Thank you!" -Sarah-
"I held the healing coils in my hands for one minute. I soon felt a tingling in both hands -- very energizing." -Peggy-

"I have had knee pain for two years now. I feel a painful grinding sensation when I kneel. I held Merlins Realm's healing coils for one minute and now my knees don't hurt and there is no grinding when I kneel." -Dena-

"I have had back pain for one day now. I held the healing coils for thirty seconds and now I feel better." -Dimitri-
Pyramid Power at Work
" Being a skeptic, I thought 'lets take a test. lets compare regular water with pyramid water.' I take a drink of the water that does not have the pyramid energy and, well it tastes like plastic. It's gross and it's not apetizing. Then I take a drink of the water from the pyramid that had been energized and I was completely and totally amazed. It tasted sweet. It gave me energy. It did not taste like the bottle. It was very soothing and satisifying to my palate. I was so impressed with it that every time I come to visit Merlins Realm now I request that my bottle of water be put into the pyramid for at least five minutes. I've got my proof and my validation. Pyramid energy does work. I have recently become pregnant and continue to drink pyramid water because it seems that my baby loves it." -Lisa-
"The wands arrived and they are just as nice as I remember the first ones ordered. I think they are going to ‘fly’J off the shelf. .. they are just wonderful craftsmanship. The lighter, finer way they are carved (the wood) makes them much more appealing the females in my store. I have been to other ... sites and find heavy stones and thick wood that are not well balanced and look awkward. The balance of the wands are just right and help woman pick out a wand/s the correct one that basically picks them out. I hate to use the Harry Potter story about wands but I believe that it is true that a wand picks out the owner.... Thank you again and I WILL be back for more." -Linda-

"We sold out of wands again. -You guys are so great. Thank you for the great customer service too." -Lauri - Under the New Moon-

“Your wooden wands are easily one of the fastest selling items in my store. Guaranteed. The Harry Potter fans love them. Enclosed is my order for more!” -Roadrunners Inc.-

“As a metaphysical store owner I found that customers used and wanted wands, pyramids and amulets. I was impressed by the artwork that went into each item. Thanks to your items customers refer other people to our shop. People who are interested but never used these items are amazed by the instructions on how to use and care for their pieces. We have people from out of town find the wooden wands fun and related them to the "Harry Potter" movies. Because each wand is different each child felt like they were Harry, and were able to choose the perfect wand for himself. I would recommend doing business with Merlins Realm. Your customers will be very happy with the products.” -Jans Gallery of Enchantments-
Magic Wands at Work
“Two weeks ago I picked up one of the wands for healing. I use it every day for 15 minutes a day and I have had no more pain for over a week now. You should try it, they really work great.” -Audrey-

“My step-mother purchased a Balancing Amulet. She has extemely bad lungs. You did some healing with a wand and she has not had to to use her inhaler since. Three days later I purchased a Balancing Amulet and I am walking with little or no pain in my legs.” -Jane-

"Three weeks before coming into Merlins Realm I had a crash on my bicycle, hurting my left hand. On the day I came into the shop, my hand was in a lot of pain and my thumb was swollen. A couple of different wands were used on my hand. I sat there and watched the swelling go down. If I had not seen it and felt it, I would not have believed it. The pain was gone and the swelling was gone. These wands definitely work!" -Terry-

"When I hold the wand in my hand free of its case, I get a "light" feeling that comes over me, lifting any heaviness and oppression in the immediate surroundings and easing anxiety and overwhelm internally. When I connect with it meditatively, I "see" a beautiful goddess connected to its energy." -Jacqueline- (Manamar Mahogany Wand)
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