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Amulet Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, one of the ways our amulets work is by flushing energy throughout the body's energy meridians. This helps to break through blockages within the body. Rather than shield the body from absorbing the fields our amulets work to heal the body from the inside out. All of our amulet designs will help to remove the energetic form of the damage from EMF's.
Will your amulets help protect from EMF's?
If I have electro sensitivity, what amulet would you suggest for me?
The Jade Amulet.
If I have Fibromyalgia, what amulet would you suggest for me?
If I am suffering from a illness or disease can you diagnose and/or heal me?
No, these devices are not intended to cure or prevent any illness or disease.
If you need medical attention seek the advice of a professional health care provider.
We can help you work with the energetic body, we are not licensed physicians.
Merlin's Realm and its employees cannot be held responsible for use or misuse of any of our products. Use at your own risk. (Disclaimer)
A super strong Healing Amulet, e-mail us or call us for a custom amulet quote.
How could I cleanse my Amulet?
All of our amulets come with Selenite (a stone used in cleansing).
Simply remove the amulet at night (or whenever you're finished wearing it and place it on the selenite to cleanse and re-energize.
Do I need to need to physically clean the amulet?
No, all of our amulets are now made with tarnish restant wire.
Can I wear my amulets under my shirt or do they need to be in contact with the sun / day light?
Yes you may wear the amulet under your shirt, light is not needed.
For the Healing Amulets I prefer the amulet to not be seen when in public so others wont want to step up and touch it. The less people that touch it the better, but don't stress if people do touch it, it's not worth the stress. But this is one reason why the amulet should be cleansed daily-all suplies for daily cleansing included with each amulet.

For Prosperity Amulets I like to allow the amulet to be seen to attract new person to person meetings, which can bring new opportunity.
Do I need to need to physically clean the amulet?
No, all of our amulets are now made with tarnish restant wire.
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