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Pyramids act as collectors for subtle energies. These energies focus and exit the pyramid through the corners and apex. These Pyramid Matrix Collectors resend most of the exiting energy by recollecting the energy into another neighboring pyramid.
All of these pyramids are based on the golden or phi ratio, the ratio is 1/1.618 . This ratio has been known the be directly related to the human heartbeat and the Earth's heartbeat. It has also been discovered that the frenquency emitted from a human feeling love for another is coresponding with the golden ratio.
The energy these pyramids collect are at a frenquency of the golden ratio, which can be assoceated with the healing effects of feeling love. Pyramids have also been known to be able to transmit energy over long distances. I.E. Healing a sick friend over seas, or sending protection energy to a special soldger.

After using and comunicating with various pyramid matrixes
I have discoverd a way of mesuring the strength of various devices.
This is a method of mesuring the intenisty not frenquency.
So far there is no known scientific method of mesuring pyramid energy. (Except for experiments from Kirlien Camerias and UV cameras) But still we cannot derive and intensity numbers from these experiments. Using dowsing I was able to read the pyramids strength in units of pulces per second.

Quite a few tests were performed, most uncharged quartz measured around 100 - 150 PPS, after 5 minutes of hand energizing I was able to get the reading up to 800 PPS. This is when I began discovering the internal mechanics of the pyramid. The measurments had to be made (via dowsing) using “What is the current peak pulses per second of the vortex within this pyramid collector” (pendulum dowsing with a number chart) The pyramids themselves facilitate the collection of energy within the pyramid, creating a internal vortex. Once this vortex starts to fill the pyramid it starts to flow out the apex and corners and then it fills the area around the collector acting as an aura. So far the strongest concentration of energy is found just above the center of the pyramid (60% - 65% up from the bottom).
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