What's Included:
Mini Blank Spell Book/Magical Journal 4" x 4 1/2" x 1.5 120+ pages
Clear Crystal Red Oak Magic Wand
Wand Instructions
Magic Wand Pouch
Pewter Pendant
White Sage Smudge Stick 4"
Dragons Blood & White Sage Resin Stick Incense (1 stick)
Prosperity Spell Scroll (Parchment Scroll)
Copper Scroll Ring (to keep the scroll rolled up)
Green Candle (for prosperity scroll spell)
Ceramic Candle Holder
Garnet Pocket Rock (for prosperity scroll spell)
Amazonite Pocket Rock (for prosperity scroll spell)
Spell Scroll Instructions
Magic of Manifestation Scroll
2 metal scroll rings (to keep the scroll rolled up)
Sage usage instructions
Blank Spell book/Journal Instructions/Suggestions

Valued at over $64
Kit Price: $49
Merlin's Complete
Starter Wizard Kit
Prosperity Spell Kit
What's Included:

Prosperity Spell Scroll / Manifestation Instructions
Scroll Ring
Green Candle (4")
Prosperity Gemstones
Tree of Life Pewter Pendant
Prosperity Spell Kit With Prosperity Wand
(Basic Wizard Kit)
What's Included:
Prosperity Spell Scroll / Manifestation Instructions
Scroll Ring
Green Candle (4")
Prosperity Gemstones
Pewter Pendant
Amazonite Ironwood Wand
Wand Pouch
Magic of Manifestation Scroll
2 Scroll rings
Gift Box
Total Value: $33
Kit Price: $25.95
(Prosperity Spell Scroll, Copper Scroll Ring, Green Prosperity Candle, Prosperity Gemstones, Tribal Trinity Pewter Pendant, Manifestation Wand pictured above)
(Celtic Moon Pentagram Pewter Pendant)
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Makes a great gift! Popular!
Merlin's Manifestation Scroll Set
This version of scroll magic is rather powerful. Simply choose your spell type (prosperity, love, protection, balance or a specific creation), fill in the customizable areas of the scroll and enchant. The beauty of this kind of scroll magic is you can enchant and power up the scroll before it is needed (wonderful for protections, love or prosperity). The energies of the spell are kept within the seals on the scroll, (becoming even more powerful with additional enchanting sessions) then when the need arises the target can be quickly added to the scroll. Making powerful spells available to cast at a target within minutes (compared to hours).

This is wonderful for protection spells, take your time crafting and enchanting the perfect protection spell, then when the time is needed write the targets name in the center and release the spells energy into the universe.

You could enchant a collection of scrolls during a Solstice saving the Solstice energy for use at a later time.

Detailed easy to understand instructions included.
Scroll designed by Merlin of Manitou.

Wizard notes: This is my most used form of magic, this scroll can hold quite a bit of precise intentions. I personally have a collection of these that I enchant during full and new moons (depending on the type of spell), including protection and general manifestation. What I love most about these is I will enchant some of my scrolls more than others and mark on the scroll each time I enchant it, allowing me to have a selection various scrolls with different power ratings marked on them.

This gives me more choices when magical needs arise, I'll just use a normal protection scroll for someone who is in a little danger, but I'll save my really powerful protection scroll for someone who has a very serious need for protection.
3 Pre-Rolled Full Sized Parchment Manifestation Scrolls
& 3 Copper Scroll Rings

Comes with detailed easy to understand scroll Instructions
Pewter pendant may vary depending
on supply.

"Magic of Manifestation" is an information scroll about personal manifestation. It includes an overview of 9 magical powers used to manifest, magical lessons about thinking positively, speaking positively and consequences of actions.

Suggested ages: 9 - 100
(simple and practical enough for young wizards but realistic and profound enough for adult practitioners)
Spells included:

Violet Fire Protection
Basic Manifestation
Prosperity (for items and/or money)
Magical Potion Creation (using water)
Yes, it's a real wizard kit!
Not for those who want to play like Harry Potter,
but for those who want to be Real Wizards!
"Hi! I got a very powerful and elegant wizard/ merlin kit, that I absoluetly love and I loved (mostly) the stones, once i read about them in the scroll, I was just amazed. The wand and everything else was the best gift ever!!!!!!!! I'll definetly order from you sometime again, thanks for the great service... " - Jordyn B.
Pewter Pendant may vary depending on supply
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A Note to Parents
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